Tuesday, July 10, 2012


  Came back Liuzhou from Fenghuang at 5:00am yesterday... Green Paper (no air condition) hard seat, 9 hours, so hot, we're very very tired and had to go monitor's house to sleep...Then saw my friends off at noon... Enjoyed this traveling in Fenghuang! Do you know, we have not a good sleep since July 3, and traveled after examination... so crazy...
  Ok, now I'd like to share some pics with you:
                                                                on the train...

        We arrived in Jishou railway station at 7:30am, July 7...Then we took bus to Fenghuang from Jishou..(90 minutes' drive, 20 yuan/per)
                                                                          I and Liji(behind)

                                                                    I and Liji
                                                            Jiaxin and Caixue
                                                                 Liji and I


                                                                     so happy?

                                                            train tickets on the wall

                                                     my hand and my friend Jiaxin's hand

                                                      Shefan(社饭),5 yuan/per
Wanwan gao(碗碗糕),1 yuan/per


     That afternoon(about 4:00pm-5:30pm), my friends came back inn to sleep and relax, so I was alone walking and found a postcard shop...
postcards(3 yuan/per)&cappuccino(25 yuan/per) of postcards was sent to my parents...

                                                                     so beautiful...

                                                                        In the bar...
   To be honest, I have been looking forward to meeting a lovely encounter in Travel...During this traveling, I(we) met TWO lovely encounters...OMG!(Unexpected....I do not want to explain about it...)

                                                                     our breakfast...



                                                                 15 yuan

   Returned nice journey:


                                                                 play cards
                                                                 sleeping baby...
   By the way, within 400 yuan/per this trip...I think it's ok...I wish I could spend within 400 yuan in every trip...haha..                         
   Every journey is very meaningful and important for me, the result is not important for me, but it is important to enjoy this about you, my friends?
   Yeah, you can see all photos on my Facebook...Have a nice evening:)