Friday, June 29, 2012

Enjoy a person's lunch

                                                             water spinach , carrot
                                                           water spinach , pork,carrot
                                                         (chicken essence, salt)
                                                                  Three-Delicacy Soup

                                                                      After lunch...


Thursday, June 28, 2012


    Up early in the morning, I and my roommate Zhu Ling cooked porridge with mushrooms and lean meat ... It's delicious:)  But now what you see is the rest of this morning, so it's not so fresh as you see...

         I drank porridge without cooking oil of two meals, so I think I should be hungry soon... This semester coming to an end, so we do not intend to buy  cooking oil again... In fact, sometimes I am a vegetarian, and just eat vegetables and fruits a few days. . .This is NOT to lose weight!!! You know, monday of each week, we should all be vegetarian, maybe today is not, ha!
        However,  I must be prepared final exam at present . After the examination, I and my friends will go to Fenghuang, Hunan for travel(from July 6th to 8th),..Yeah, have a nice and safe short journey to us:)
        Hope everything goes well for you:)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Shopping&Eating with my friends

       In order to the internship next month, I've to buy some cosmetics to learn make up... Yeah, a lot of trouble for women , and  also waste of much money in cosmetics,clothes, shoes, bags, perfumes,etc...

                                                                   It tastes good...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Such a bad mood

     In recent days,  some of the things and people make me feel so irritable...Yes, no one is perfect! but I always nice to everyone first of all, but you? Some what fuck girls like to envy me(at least I think so...) I'm not a STAR, why are you very interested in my private life? I just want to say you are really bored, "villain " is the best word to describe yours....I really do not see your vanity so strong, and live so hypocritical, meaningful to you? Do not try to leave no stone unturned to see/concern my personal information (recent and photos,etc) online... True friends just one or two are enough for me at college, and I do not lack friends like yours! Well, I think that I should not nice to everyone(or someone) later, because I have learned a lesson from them...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


                                             Thank you for Ken lenting me his camera again,huh:)
                                                                   Oh,what a cute dog!

                                                                 I like kids...

                                                                     Liji & Ken

                                                                               I and Liji

                                                                        my legs...

                                                       I do not know what I was doing, huh:)

   I like photography! And also thanks my teacher, Michael! But now he's a good and famous photographer! You can go to his blog to enjoy his great work!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Got an intership job

   May 16th (it's my birthday), I passed  interview and got an intership job soomthly... The position is receptionist, at the Guilin Lijiang Waterfall Hotel(welcome to all of you...), and the time will be from July 15th  to January or February nexy year... I NEVER think I was the first interview, I had prepared the self introduction in English, but the interviewer made me introduce ​​our school in English(I had not prepare for this), At that time I hesitated for two seconds and said something about it...I do not know what I was saying... Next, I answered some questions of the interviewer came out...Well, it's the first to interview in my life. In general, it's okay, but it's still deficient, I will be able to make up it later...
                                                       Hair style of the interview
 Okay, now let me describe briefly about my recent life:
       Recently, I'm so busy---Final Exam,fighting!! But,but I'm looking forward to Fenghuang trip next month, and Yunnan trip in April next year with my good friend,Jiaxin Man:) 
                                                       Yingying Xue & Jiaxin Man,2011

      Hmmm, do u know many people saw me firstly, and said to me: " you're not Guangxi people!" I was very surprised how to judge by it for them...
      Anyway, there's a project of American Au Pair...Why I'm worry about the security deposit every time. damn it! ! If my family or I could be a bit rich... I once complained to my parents why gave me such a life (without any material conditions or economic base to achieve my dreams, even taking the first step), but now I no longer complain about them, I slowly understand them, because it's not easy for them to live...Now,I just do that study hard, work hard and strive to live, and accept all! (For study abroad, I dare not think about directly, although I would like to do it...)
   Life and death are all according to destiny, and wealth and title are decreed by Heaven...生死由命,富贵在天!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our babies

            Miss you"大头"&"三妹"! That two cats have gone out and never come back since December 27, 2011...Where are you now babies....