Wednesday, February 8, 2012


It's graduated from primary school for TEN years!

Tomorrow whether you remind of or not
Yesterday the diary that you write
Tomorrow whether you still remembers or not
Have ever loved most to cry of you
The teachers all have already not want to rise
Can not guess the problem of you
I also turn over the photograph by chance
Just remind of to sit at the same table of you
Who married touchy-feely you
Who saw your diary
Who rise your long hair dish
Who do for you of get married the dress
You always are formerly very careful
Ask I borrow a rubber of half
You also speak of once and unintentionally
Like to follow me together
At that time the day is always very blue
The day is total to lead too slowly
You are total to say the graduation long time off
Turn the eye each rush the thing
Who meet touchy-feely you
Who comfort to like to cry of you
Who saw me to the letter that you write
Who cast away the breeze to it in

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