Saturday, August 11, 2012

Internship in Guilin <一>

        Hello, everyone! I will stay in Guilin for internship in SEVEN months... Training, training these days... This is our company website , welcome if you'd like, we will provide the best service to you!

                           Did something for Five Star Annual Re-evaluation Plan in our hotel...

     Make-up, business wear, stockings, and high-heeled shoes every day... But I don't like makeup every day... Natural beauty is better I think:)

                         Bought a new bag, clothes and watch with my salary today... bankrupt...


                                              Big red(it's my favorite color)... 88RMB, Godddddddd!!!!!!!

                            Recieved a postcard from Lijiang, Yunnan...Thank you, my dear cousin...

                                                Downstairs of our rent house in Guilin...

                                                Went outing with my colleagues...

    And four days of training was over in the housekeeping department, so tired. . Morning was to clean the room, and evening was room service , I sent ice to the guests (all foreigners)... However, August 8th was the first day I went to the food and beverage department (the first day Western restaurant, next day Chinese restaurant, a total of two days)...  At that day I met three Spaniards. The first Spaniard asked me how to speak steamer in English, and where the steamer to sell, etc... The second Spaniard seemed  that unable to speak English, he spoke Spanish, I asked him, sir, could you speak a little English? He directly said NO. . He seemed to be looking down the stairs to the central hall, I gave his gesture , was there? Thank you, he said. . The third Spaniard, after he cut the bread, as if he was looking for the butter (I'm not sure), please wait, I said. . I immediately asked waiters , but they did not know (silent). . . For a while, he came on and smiled to me, he seemd that need not it, I felt very embarrassed and did not do a good service to others. Because these days has cross-training of our Concierge to other departments, it is not too familiar with operating business... At last, the supervisor of western restaurant said she did not understand Spanish, too. In a word, it is very important for me to work hard... Good luck to me!



  1. You look very nice and pretty in the Hotel's uniform. Seven months is a long internship, so you will get a lot of experience. Enjoy !

  2. Thank you,Giora! You're right,I will get a lot of experience here!