Monday, August 20, 2012

Internship in Guilin <二>

     Hello, everyone! Yesterday finally passed two tests today... About a month of training was finally over... Thanks MANDY (Front Office Manager)! In fact, I was nervous for the practical operation of examination, but MANDY said, when I showed a room to the guests, I could communicate with guests and have flexibility, so she eventually gave me (and the other colleague) highest score (7.5) , big pressure you know!! Will start to work tmr, and I also looking forward to wearing the new national dress. However, I ate durian again, perhaps I have been addicted to durian, huh!(Will write many many reports at the end of every month by myself... In fact, we also wrote 3 reports during training...)
    However, August 15,  one of the lobby manager(AM) took us to visit the XPS and XMR in our hotel again, so cool...
    Now, show some photos to you after working:
                                                          The twin towers in Guilin

                                                                  many tourists

                                           This is Motherwort honey... love it! twice per day:)

      Recently, I've been watching Prison Break, so great! This is the most wonderful series which I've seen...
      At last, I'd like to tell you that my life is very full in Guilin. But sometimes, I had many troubles in my life, anyway... Guest Relations Officer(GRO), good luck and work hard at present!

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