Saturday, April 20, 2013

The fourth day in Guangzhou

                                              I'm waiting for Li Ji... She came to GZ from Dongguan.

  We took many pictures at Shamian Island again, GZ. You know Shamian is my favorite place...It was originally called Shicui Island ("Shicui" literally means "picking up green jade"). Shamian was a key ferry for domestic and foreign trade and a scenic spot in the Song Dynasty (960 AD – 1127 AD), the Yuan Dynasty (1206 AD – 1368 AD), the Ming Dynasty (1368 AD – 1644 AD) and the Qing Dynasty (1616 AD – 1911 AD). In the wake of the Opium War, Shamian became British and French concessions.
                                                                 Jiaxin and Liji

                                                        with my best friend, Jiaxin

                                                   Chocolate... Thanks for Jiaxin Man's Dad...

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