Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy birthday to me!

     Thank you for my friends coming to celebrate my last birthday at college!In fact,my birthday date is May 16!!!!I booked a cake at that day, due to the terrible boss neglected her duty so that the cake was not sent to school !!! So we just put off until May 17 :(:(:(...But now it's ok ...
     Sigh...I really getting older i think.I've 23 years old!!!I hope that i can find a good job, marry and have child or children before the 30-year-old!!!Yeah, this is the greatest wish of my life, if possible, I will not have any regrets or complaints (of course, also including one of my SLR camera and traveling !)

                                                    Thanks all of you!
                    (P.S. 我始终相信婚姻爱情都要遵循'宁缺毋滥,相信缘分,适合自己' '人无完人,不可能事事完美,懂得忍耐坚持' 婚姻不是儿戏,不能吃着碗里看着锅里的;你挑别人,别人更挑你; 心诚最重要,虽然年纪压人.可这些你是否真能明白? )                  


  1. Ha! You have an eye test chart on the wall. I have on the wall of my computer room/office at home, too.

    1. I'm so depressed when I saw it , because my eyesight is not very good...

  2. Happy Birthday Yinging. Best wishes in getting a job. Did you got the internship in the Hotel?
    Good luck in finding a husband before 30 years old and have a beautiful child together. I read that in China they call single women over 30 as Shen Lu (not nice).
    How many women live in your room? I see two beds, one above the other. You have nice girlfriends in the picture.

    1. Thanks,Giora!
      I passed the interview,and the position was hotel receptionist..
      Hope the internship goes well in 7 months...Althougth this is not my favorite job, I will try to do it well, because there are a new experience and challenge for me...
      Huh,you're right!Recent years,most Chinese call single women over 30 as Sheng Nv(剩女)!indeed not nice for women..
      Just TWO females live my room(including me),haha!

  3. Happy birthday!! 23 is still SO young. =)

  4. Happy birthday to you!! It looks like you had a wonderful day with friends :)