Saturday, May 12, 2012

I saved a bird

   I have saved a bird, because it has been in the lightning, thunder, rain outside, and suddenly a bird flew out the window, and then I opened the window to make her flew into my dorm, she might be scared by thunder,  i said to her"Do not be afraid, now you're safe." . . .Now it is very comfortable for her in my bed  , but I do not want to sleep with her tonight!!and now her always shaking and warbling...

  Stop lightning, thunder and rain , all light outside with lighting and thunder! That thunder so horrible, which makes me sooooooooo frightened!


  1. How wonderful of you to let her in! I would be scared to have a bird flying around...I'd probably freak out and throw her back into the storm. So kind of you!

  2. Very nice to help the bird. I have a similar story in my novel.

    1. Ya,Giora!I'm looking forward to reading your novel:)