Thursday, June 21, 2012

Such a bad mood

     In recent days,  some of the things and people make me feel so irritable...Yes, no one is perfect! but I always nice to everyone first of all, but you? Some what fuck girls like to envy me(at least I think so...) I'm not a STAR, why are you very interested in my private life? I just want to say you are really bored, "villain " is the best word to describe yours....I really do not see your vanity so strong, and live so hypocritical, meaningful to you? Do not try to leave no stone unturned to see/concern my personal information (recent and photos,etc) online... True friends just one or two are enough for me at college, and I do not lack friends like yours! Well, I think that I should not nice to everyone(or someone) later, because I have learned a lesson from them...

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