Thursday, June 28, 2012


    Up early in the morning, I and my roommate Zhu Ling cooked porridge with mushrooms and lean meat ... It's delicious:)  But now what you see is the rest of this morning, so it's not so fresh as you see...

         I drank porridge without cooking oil of two meals, so I think I should be hungry soon... This semester coming to an end, so we do not intend to buy  cooking oil again... In fact, sometimes I am a vegetarian, and just eat vegetables and fruits a few days. . .This is NOT to lose weight!!! You know, monday of each week, we should all be vegetarian, maybe today is not, ha!
        However,  I must be prepared final exam at present . After the examination, I and my friends will go to Fenghuang, Hunan for travel(from July 6th to 8th),..Yeah, have a nice and safe short journey to us:)
        Hope everything goes well for you:)

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