Tuesday, June 19, 2012


                                             Thank you for Ken lenting me his camera again,huh:)
                                                                   Oh,what a cute dog!

                                                                 I like kids...

                                                                     Liji & Ken

                                                                               I and Liji

                                                                        my legs...

                                                       I do not know what I was doing, huh:)

   I like photography! And also thanks my teacher, Michael! But now he's a good and famous photographer! You can go to his blog to enjoy his great work!


  1. What you are doing in the last photo is a stereotype blogger pose called "The Flamigo", really! You should google it, haha. ^^ It's quite funny to see others do the same pose :) I really love the photos you made! You have talent! x

    1. Thank you for your compliment,Nikki:) In fact, I've to find a feeling when do it, sometimes if no feeling, it would be worse to me...
      "The Flamigo"? Do you think I look like its?huh