Friday, May 17, 2013

24 years old

First, thanks for your B-day wishes! I should have written this post on my B-day(5.16), you know I'm on the train yesterday. I arrived in Liuzhou at 4:00am this morning and sat in Liuzhou railway station until dawn, so hot...

5.15, I went to Kunming with my dear mom, and she celebrated my birthday in advance. She invited me to eat hot pot in the evening. But the daytime, I've saved money to take her to go to Starbucks and bought this gift by myself.
                                         New gift for my B-day... but bought it by myself.

However, I'm a graduating student this year, but before graduating, through three years of hard work, I have gained the recommended number through outstanding junior college students selection system of school,that is to upgrade from junior college student to university student(There are only 5 percent of all students gained the recommended places of the selection system). Then I will enter Guangxi Teachers Education University to study(for Bachelor Degree) for further two years and (In fact,one year).

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