Friday, May 3, 2013


        Hello, friends! I and Jiaxin(my best friend) and Yalan(Jiaxin's friend) had a nice self-organized expedition in Lijiang, Dali, Shangri-la and Shilin of Yunnan last week(I want to say I'm still like independent travel (and lifestyle),and never join the package tour), it's really wonderful. Now let's share with you our the first stop: Lijiang, Yunnan.
                                                    By train from Kunming to Lijiang
Kunming railway station 
 Lijiang railway station
                                                In the morning of the old town of Lijiang.


The Square Market 


                      Yulong Snow Mountain is the southernmost snow-capped mountain in China.




                                                Shaguofan(砂锅饭), Naxi nationality

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