Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Farm stay

Enjoyed farm stay(Tangdian倘甸,Gejiu city,Yunnan) with my family today. Nowadays more and more city people would like to enjoy their farm stay when they're free. As you know, the best fruits and vegetables are those locally grown and fresh off the farm. Aside from produce, however, farmers worldwide have something else to offer frazzled urban travellers: a valuable escape into traditional rural life.
I often go to there with my family or friends. You can take bus from Gejiu to Tangdian(cost is 10yuan), and you will be there about half an hour.

                                                        Two local people are washing
                                                                  Fishing girl

                                                           Finally I caught a fish
                     Poor fish...but I let it go,and told it that nothing is more important than life:)
                                                                         Village cuisine      

Grilled fish
Tea water(山茶水)

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  1. Hi friend!

    You are so lucky to have this so close by. The food looks amazing! And I would have let the fish go back too. ;-)